I upcycle used road & mountain bike chains & parts to make jewelry and sculpture.

Why I'm on Esty,

The reason to created and start the Esty shop was to help sponsor my son Isaac as an inspiring Junior Mountain Bike Cyclist with aspiration of becoming a Olympic athlete and pro-cyclist. He currently races with Front Ranger Junior Cycling Team part of USA Cycling in road, track and mountain and Highlanders (NICA) High School Mountain Team. You can follow him on Instagram @isaac.mtb.15
If you love cycling or just go out and ride. Visit your local bike shops. You will understand the cost of this sport. If you purchase my jewelry. The profits will be going to a great cause to support my son and this teams.

A little about me:

My name is John Sanders and I work in the design industry with technical experience in Architectural design, civil, and Master Planning. I doing everything from, design, land development, construction documentation & construction administration on various building types and property.

That's what I do to make a living.

But, my passion is? I'm your typical artist. I'm always looking for the next thing to create, draw or sculpt. I love to reuse, re-purpose, recycle and up-cycle things. I do just about anything with the things I find. I started out re-purpose pallets by making furniture and will continue to do so. But, it is a long process and hard the sell as a part time hobby. As I looked my around garage for new ideas. I realized we had a lot of bikes and leftover parts because of racing. One way of working my way through college was jewelry sales and jewelry repair and also making jewelry in studio as a art student. Always having a life long love for cycling and re-purposing materials & parts. It was a natural course for me to start this passion to merge the two for fun and design. This is how I idea started. I hope you like by page on Facebook: @chainlinkstudio and follow me:Instagram @chainlinkstudio

Please also check out my wife's shops for scarves, blankets, baby bedding and accessories
www.WyldeflowerBoutique.etsy.com and www.LilLumberjack.etsy.com

I hope you find something you would love to have and please enjoy wearing my jewelry.


Life is a Ride!

We thank you for your support!